education in progress, Observation Essay

I: Observation Essay


Choose a
college or university in the D.C. area to visit. You’ll find below a list of
possible institutions. Then select a space within that institution where you
can observe “education in progress” – e.g., a library, a computer lab, a study
area, a coffee shop or commons area where students gather to do schoolwork,
etc. your goal is to observe students’ behavior and get a sense of how they
behave in your particular educational setting.

institutions to visit




George Mason
University (I chose Starbucks in this university)


You will want to
visit your place during hours when many students are present so that you can
observe a large enough sample of people. Friday nights and Saturday mornings
are probably not optimal times to observe education at work. You may first want
to walk through the space, taking detailed notes on its physical qualities.
Remember to use your senses. Take notes on its layout, any objects, what people
do there, how they move through the space, and any other details that seem
interesting, revealing, significant, or strange. Pay particularly close
attention to the way the place is set up to serve an educational purpose and to
the way people within the space are pursuing their education. Are they working
on school-related projects? Writing papers? Studying for exams? In what
subjects? Are they web-surfing or social networking? Multitasking? Do they
discuss classes, assignments, or other education-related matters? What do they

3 pages length ,double spaced

Use easy english 

Here are some notes that i took and i want u to include in the essay :

– I walked in around 6 clock

– There was approximately 10-14 people 

– Most of them are females

– A lot comes in pairs

– The place can can hold 20 people at once

– The atmosphere is good for studying 

– Outdoor and indoor seats  

– Most of people there are drinking cold coffee 

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