English 103 Essay

In Essay 1, you will defend or refute one of the diets we investigated during this unit in a particular application.

The diet i must defend or refute is the “Low Fat Diet”

For example, your essay cannot just be a defense/condemnation of vegan, paleo, juice, etc. diets; it must be a defense/condemnation of that diet as applied to something more specific (heart disease, cancer, obesity, epilepsy, longevity, the environment, etc.). ONE specific focus will inform your entire essay.

Your essay will have to be a rigorous analysis of the scientific support for and proofs against the diet you’ve been assigned, and you must justify your position in light of both, especially through your counterargument. You will also have to analyze the validity of the studies you use to support your position and those that impeach your opposition. Consider flaws in reasoning, bias, exclusion of perspectives or data, poorly constructed experiments, etc. You must prove your thesis through well-reasoned, well-researched, well-organized argument.


  • 1,500 words minimum
  • 1”margins
  • Last Name & Page Numbers in the upper-right corner of the Header
  • Heading in the upper-left corner of the 1st page that includes

Your Full Name


Professor Name


  • A clear, relevant, interesting title
  • Double-spaced (no extra space between paragraphs)
  • A correct MLA Works Cited page of all sources
  • Correct MLA Citations throughout the text of your essay for all material referenced
  • NO sentence-level errors
  • A coherent structure—the ideas in your essay should flow (OUTLINES SAVE LIVES!)
  • NO irrelevant points or wordiness
  • On-time submission on Canvas for both rough and final drafts

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any draft that does not reach the minimum word count (even by 1 word), can receive no more than a 60%. Be sure that if you use Google Docs or other online word processing apps (which count differently), that you aren’t under the minimum.

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