English Critical Thinking Chapter(s) Summary

Read Chapters 3 & 4. Write a SUMMARY of highlights from the Chapters 3 & 4 this week.

1) Explain the differences between fact and inference on pages 118-123.
2) After writing a Summary of the new information you have learned, explain with examples from at least TWO essays in these chapters to support your new knowledge.

3) Remember, facts must be verifiable. But what happens when “facts” are ‘fabricated” and false supports “created”? Explain with examples.

What is meant by “inference”? You have read the chapter. Read it again and be empowered with clear thinking. Then proceed to write your response.

4) GIVE Detailed examples from essays in both chapters. ALSO READ my lecture notes; you will add your lessons learned from lectures in your journal. This is part of your prompt.

Journal length is about 650-700 words – to be written in multiple paragraphs.

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