EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING EXERCISE- based on group question answer the individual part

Group part:

  1. After reviewing all available information, review what your team knows so far.
  2. What possible solutions to the client’s problem have been developed?
  3. Design and conduct the next meeting with client:
    1. Share results of research
    2. Provide a vision of where the project is going; share the type of solutions your team is developing—no need to tell the client everything about these, just their general direction
    3. Are you on track with the client’s needs? (If not, make changes as needed)
  4. Assign next steps to team members
  5. Post your results under “Experiential Exercise 4.”


Individual Deliverables: For this week, there are two individual questions:

  1. Provide a summary of one challenge your client faced and how it was addressed by your group. Please include details on how you feel your group dynamics contributed to (or diminished) the success of your project.
  1. What connection do you see, at this point, between the consulting project and the course materials?

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