Explain why your health care topic is an important area of concern and research, presentation help

PowerPoint presentation of 10-12
slides (not including title/reference slides) with speaker notes

For your Key Assignment, you will
choose a topic in health care (e.g. cardiovascular issues, obesity, or cancer)
and analyze it. Then, integrate all of the steps and standards that are
needed to meet the quality improvement and performance regulations that are
accredited by such organizations as The Joint Commission (TJC) and the National
Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). .

Now, you will present your work to
key stakeholders in your organization. Part 1 of your presentation should
include the following:

  • Explain why your health care topic is an important area
    of concern and research, and explain the challenges that will impact its
    population in the coming years based on your research.
  • Support your findings with an application of
    descriptive statistics.
  • Explain your grounded research capabilities.
  • Discuss risk-management assessment.
  • Present the data outcome in an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Include at least 4 credible references. All sources
    should be in APA format.

Part 2

Your department has taken the lead
in developing many styles of reports. This work has raised a few questions
throughout the organization. Therefore, you have been asked to present some
helpful information on the structure of reporting. In addition, draft a memo
that explains the guidelines to follow when creating a memo for reporting

  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of using
    spreadsheets to display information in reporting.
  • Explain which of the following are the best graphs to
    use in this situation, and why:
    • Tables
    • Pie charts
    • Line graphs
    • Bar graphs
  • Incorporate at least 1 chart or graph that demonstrates
    when it is appropriate to use one chart or graph over another.

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