Eye Clinic Software Project Management

You will need to pull all sections together into ONE paper. Each chapter begins on a new page. This is an APA formatted paper so be sure to write in 3rd person and make sure that all in-text citations are appropriately formatted. The references page should only contain references for in-text citations used within your paper. Please take a look in the library for a sample APA paper.

The final section that you need to create is the Conclusion and Lessons Learned.

Remaining content

•Is the reason for this analysis described well?
•Does the introduction provide a complete overview of the organization for which the analysis is being completed?
•Does the introduction provide information explaining why this analysis is important to the organization?

• Description of the Problem/Data

  • ◦Is the problem clearly defined?
    ◦Is the data used for analysis explained well?
    ◦Were organizational challenges and/or opportunities addressed?
    Literature Review/APA format◦Was relevant primary research reviewed and included in the paper?
    ◦Did the literature review provide a clear understanding of all content presented?
    ◦Were the in-text citations and references for the paper appropriately laid out in APA format?
  • ◦Analysis◾Does the analysis include visualizations and analysis of the data presented (at least 7 visualizations/analyses)?
    ◾Does the analysis include a prediction for the organization based on the data?
    Conclusions and Lessons Learned◾Does the conclusion include a suggested way forward based on the prediction?
    ◾Is there a section on lessons learned from this analysis paper and what skills learned were applied or will be applied at work?
    Presentation◾Is the presentation clear and concise?
    ◾Does the presentation describe the audience and why this analysis is important to them?
    ◾Does the presentation explain the data and analysis associated with it?
    ◾Does the presentation discuss the prediction based on the data?
    ◾Does the presentation discuss next steps – what should be done based on the data analysis?

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