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The Renaissance was a bridge from the medieval world to the modern world, and its legacy can be seen in many things around us even today.

Ready to get up from your seat? Now it’s your turn to go out into your school and community and find your own evidence of the legacy of the Renaissance. You might look at the buildings around you and find examples of Renaissance architecture (Domes? Columns?). Is there a theater group producing a play from Shakespeare? Other examples might include a copy of the book The Prince, a DVD cover for the movie Shakespeare in Love, a famous piece of art by da Vinci hanging on a wall, an advertisement for an art show or a poetry reading night, or an ad for continuing education classes at a local college.

Find five examples of the Renaissance legacy around you and explain in two to three sentences why you think each one is a good example. Make sure to include items from each category: art, architecture, literature, and inventions. Use a digital camera, a photocopier, or your own artwork to create visuals of the items that you find and use them to create a digital poster or slideshow presentation. Use your Web 2.0 resource page to help you.

For your digital poster or slideshow, remember to include:

  • five images (digital or drawn) of the Renaissance legacy around you
  • at least one image for each of the following categories; art, architecture, literature, and inventions
  • for EACH example, a two to three sentence explanation of why it represents of a legacy of the Renaissance, including how the example reflects the influence of humanism

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