Freire and Mahbubani, homework help

I have a homework. i want basic words. 

this is my homework ( you should put in the middle main idea, other squares put the keywords and support idea )

Attached please find the chapters from Freire and Mahbubani – read and use the Placemat to identify Key Point(s) and Supporting Points. You should use 1 Placemat for Freire’s chapter and 1 Placemat for EACH of Mahbubani’s chapters (Can Asians Think?; The West and the Rest; and Europe’s Destiny) – i.e. a total of 3 Placemats

i attached  2 chapters

i want 2 pages ( placemat )

First chapter 1 page ( placemat )
second chapter 1 page ( placemat)

Total : 2 pages ( placemat )

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