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Cultural Stereotypes

The Cultural Biases video assigned
in this unit focuses on stereotypes, and it includes both good and bad aspects
of stereotyping cultures. After watching this video and reviewing the Skin
Deep: Nina Jablonski’s Theory of Race
video from Unit 2, think about the
examples of stereotypes depicted. You may also research the topic on your own.

For this discussion, explain which
stereotypes you think others hold about your culture. List at least two of
these stereotypes, answer the following questions:

In a general view, how accurate are they?

To what extent are the stereotypes
correct for you?

What conclusions can you derive about
good and bad stereotypes from this activity?

Part 2 on own paper

Locate a Web site that is related to a
current event in U. S. culture and that expresses stereotyping. Is this a real
phenomenon? Provide a link, and by Thursday, post your reaction to this

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