Health Care Policy Implementation​

Health Care Policy Implementation

Generate a model of healthcare policy that incorporates tenets of social justice, equity, and cultural proficiency.


Part I:

  1. This week, you will create and present a model of policy development and apply it to the policy or health care issue you analyzed in your past paper which is attached. A minimum of five scholarly, peer-reviewed sources, external to assigned course readings, must be included. Include speaker notes for each slide.
  2. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation (20–25 slides) that includes:
    1. a description of the health care policy issue analyzed in Unit 6;
    2. a brief summary of the policy and/or policy solutions for the issue;
    3. an explanation of the model you created and a graphic representation of the model;
    4. integration of the tenets of social justice, equity, and cultural proficiency in the model;
    5. an illustration in the model of innovative solutions to achieve policy implementation;
    6. a description of the stakeholders; provide rationale related to why they are stakeholders in this policy development and implementation;
    7. a discussion of the support required for the policy or policy solutions to be effective; Identify the role of research in policy development;
    8. an appraisal of data that supports this policy implementation;
    9. a discussion of how the DNP prepared nurse participates as a member of the interprofessional team; and
    10. a summary of what you and your peers can do to strengthen nursing’s influence in the policy process.

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