Health policy analysis paper

Use the following Headings:

  • Identification of a health policy issue/concern
    Identify a health policy issue or concern that you want to analyze in-depth. (Substance misuse in Miami Dade County and the impacts/benefice of IDEA exchange program)
  • Evidenced-based literature review and documents
    Use evidenced-based documents, journals, legislation as the data sources for your paper.
  • Analysis of the issue/concern using a chosen analysis model
    Choose a model of policy analysis and analyze your issue or concern fully using the steps in the model.
    Example the model by Hewison (2007) as cited in your textbook that has been proposed for nursing.
  • Clear statement of your position/view on the issue/concern chosen
    Provide a clear and succinct statement of your position or view on the health policy issue or concern you have chosen to focus on.
  • Alternative(s) to the current policy issue/concern
    What is your proposed alternative(s) to the current health policy
  • Nursing specific leadership impact
    What implications does your policy alternative as stated above have for nursing or advanced practice nursing and how can nursing help to get it implemented.
  • Writing style, APA, Grammar, Spelling, Format
    This is a formal academic paper and must be written at the doctoral level with proper formatting, citations, grammar, and spelling. Papers that don’t meet these standards will be returned ungraded.

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