Charismatic Transactional and Transformation Leadership management assignment help

Assignment from nickkynickky. As answer send me 3 files.

The First Assignment: 

To help you to discover your own leadership style and preferences, the self-assessment exercises will prompt you to identify personal knowledge by self-reflection and provide a foundation for developing leadership skills. There is not any right or wrong answers for the self-assessments; answer honestly for the best results.

Complete Chapter 9, Self-Assessment 9-1. Are You More of a Transformational Leader, (pp. 329 of the course textbook). Be sure to use the reflection document you prepared.

Compose a total 200 word minimum reflective perspective summary about your results. Consider the questions below:

  1. Did you expect your score to be high or low? Any surprises? Are your stronger or milder points an asset?
  2. Does the self-assessment scale or rating accurately describe a trait, characteristic, behavior, cognition, or another aspect of your leadership? If so, which one(s) and why. If the self-assessment is inaccurate then how do you account for the difference between what it measures and your leadership style?
  3. Based on the result of this self-assessment do you need to make a change in a leadership behavior or cognition (way of thinking) that will improve your skills and make you a better leader? How would you start to make this change? If no change is needed then how do you plan to use the information from the assessment?

Your self-assessment summary should be a comprehensive and well-organized analysis that clearly relates the self-assessment measurements and results to your personal leadership style, traits, characteristics, behaviors, and cognition. The analysis should be clear and readable. It should be grammatically sound, and free of spelling errors. This is one of many leadership self-reflections in this course. 

Second Assignment:

7.2 – Written Analysis: Critical Thinking Questions

Chapter Nine –  

    1. A strong emotional attachment and loyalty to a charismatic leader can have both beneficial and detrimental effects on followers. Explain both types of effective followers.
    2. Explain the importance of effective communications skills for charismatic and transformational leaders.
    3. Servant leadership emphasizes being able to serve and lead. In your opinion, is this contradictory or doable. Explain!
    4. Do you believe everyone has the same capability to become a servant leader, or are some people by their nature more inclined to be a servant leaders? Explain!
    5. Describe a charismatic or transformational leader you have known.

Your submission should be a minimum of two full pages of analysis.

Third Assignment

7.3 – Discussion: Charismatic, Transactional, and Transformation Leadership

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Charisma. You might be thinking that this trait is somewhat mystical and not within your grasp. Yet, the literature states that charisma, like other character traits, can be developed by being enthusiastic, optimistic, caring about people, not talking down to them. Ensure you display self-confidence and not a feeling of insecurity. Additionally, learn the leadership techniques outlined in our text and other readings to enhance communications, to inspire, and empower others.

You will also read about and discuss Transactional and Transformation Leadership.


Consider your current and past leaders. Would you consider any of them charismatic, transactional, or transformational? What characteristics did he or she exhibit which led you to labeling them as you did? Which of the three leadership styles would you prefer to work for and why?

These activities are graded using the discussion rubric. Post your response in the discussion by replying to this post. Your response should be a minimum of 300 words, grammatically sound, and free from spelling errors. Additionally, please make sure you are using at least one outside reference source, correctly cited and referenced, as part of the discussion. Be sure to comment or respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. You can upload a document(s) to support your position if you wish.

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