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The second World Religion we are encountering is Islam. For your first task, I ask that you read Chapter 13: An Outsider’s Perspective by Peter Feldmeier, pages 191-201, of World Religions in Dialogue. (Click here for the reading assignment.Preview the documentView in a new window)

Please compose answers to the following questions, writing at least 5 sentences per question, and post them below. In each answer, your response must follow all writing and grammatical rules, and must cite the textbook by page number at least once (in reference to a quote, paraphrase, or summary). 

Question 1: Like western religious traditions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), Buddhism offers a path, a way of life, towards holiness. What are the Four Noble Truths, and what does the Eightfold Path have to do with them?

Question 2: Self, Karma, and Nirvana are three essential concepts in Buddhism. Explain them and how they relate to each other for a person who practices Buddhism.

Question 3: What are three unique practices (e.g., rituals, meditations, devotions, holy days) in Buddhism, and how do they relate to the elements described in questions 1 and 2?

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