Focus On What s Next english project assignment help

Final Project

Write a three-paragraph paper on the three elements of this course you think you will find most useful.  How will you apply these elements?

Focus On What’s Next

During this class we focused on becoming a successful student. 
We explored the topics of 

  • Time management
  • Becoming resourceful in using technology
  • Learning styles
  • Increasing reading, writing, and critical-thinking skills
  • Reducing stress
  • Improving decision-making through the use of higher-level critical-thinking skills

As our course comes to an end, we will look at some of the ways to create your future career through the skills you learned during this class. 

The time spent in school is an important one
It is the first step to create an exciting future for you. Career planning can involve patience and time. You have made a decision about your career already, so this is the first step.  Begin by identifying how much you already know. Your knowledge can be a bridge for your career. There is so much you can do now. For example you could

  • Find a part-time job or summer job in your career field.
  • Volunteer in the field that interests you.
  • Narrow down your possible career choices.
  • Read books.
  • Visit career and job websites.
  • Do a lot of research about the field you wish to pursue.
  • Research your own skills and interests and then compare them with the career skills required in your field.
  • Do not limit yourself to traditional categories such as medicine, education, or business.

Your work and customers could be located anywhere in the country or the world
Your skills in thinking globally and communicating with a diverse population could serve as a new market or product.  You may even be training for a career that does not exist today.  In addition,

  • You do not have to work full-time, you can work part-time.
  • You can work at home or you could work at an office building.
  • You can be employed by a big business, or start your own company.

Career counselors and career planning materials can help you with your job choice

You can also ask your counselor about the required skills that are necessary for the jobs you are interested in.  Make sure to visit the career planning center at Grantham University.  Finally, it is important to identify your goals and the purpose of why you have enrolled at the University. This will make your career choice and plan enjoyable, easier to attain and more meaningful.

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