Cultural Discussion

Although culture can influence how a student comes to acquire or process knowledge, it is important not to generalize these characteristics as they may not be indicative of every student. Since culture is part of one’s learning profile, it is important for educators to be aware of how it can influence student learning based on particular preferences.

Take a moment to reflect on how your own culture influences your learning. How do you like to learn and how might culture influence this learning preference? Take a look at Figure 7.1 and share where you fall on the six continua of cultural tendencies and beliefs. Based on your results, how might it influence the way you teach?

Now read Chapter 9 of “Owning It: Proven Strategies for Success in ALL of Your Roles as a Teacher Today” and answer the following questions:

In Chapter 9, Kajitani (2013) describes three different ways to begin introducing a culturally relevant curriculum into your classroom.

  • Examine and describe these three different steps in your own words and consider how these steps can support your understanding of the various cultural backgrounds of your students.
  • Give a specific example of how you might differentiate content based on one’s culturally background.
  • Why is it especially important not to generalize learning style preferences among cultures?

Be sure to utilize the course text and “Owning It: Provide Strategies in ALL of your Roles as a Teacher Today” to support your response.

Chapter 9 is attached

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