The problems Watson 1994 psychology homework help

The problems Watson (1994) identified included: lack of objectiveness; psychology failed to properly represent itself as a natural science; its principles were not based on evolution; non-unified terminology; the use of introspection; attempting to study mental states, consciousness, or the mind; the dismissal of mysterious phenomenon by labeling them as a reflex or something physiological; and the emergence of new psychological methods that rebranded old concepts using new terminology.  Behaviorism would allow reliability for use in non-academic vocations and integration of findings with other sciences.  Behaviorism was considered by Watson (1994) to be the only logical solution.  The type of introspection in conflict as described by Moore (2011) could not in my opinion be esteemed useful for anything or by anyone, but introspection in terms of looking inward and considering personal attitudes/behaviors when seeking to change could be very helpful in deed.

Please provide a 150-250 word response to the above question using your own thoughts/opinions or references. No references are needed unless you want to provide.

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