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This week’s topic covers literature review. Complete a literature review on ways to ensure and measure project success for GU’s learning management system. Modify your proposal created in week 2, citing 3 to 5 different sources outside of your textbook, to ensure best practices for project success are included. Ensure these best practices include reporting on user experience, defects, feature requests, feedback, and enhancements of the new learning management system.

My Proposal

Executive Summary

Catering Capers will offer the community the lowest rates and provide homes, health facilities and jobs to the poor employees and people in the community from what it will get as a non-profit. In addition to that, the company will also offer social services and create employment options for the graduates who lack employment . The company will also work closely with and help shape systems that impact the youth and their families in the community. Our mission will be to assist at-risks youths and the poor to become productive citizens through offering them an opportunity to learn and work in our organization.

Company Overview

Catering Capers will be a non-profit catering company that will serve the Philadelphia market. It will offer creative yet colorful food options for all people including traditional standbys. This new business hopes to focus mainly in events including weddings, corporate functions, holiday parties, birthday parties and funerals. Most importantly, the company aims at cutting the costs incurred by customers as it will offer very affordable rates so as to serve a wider audience irrespective of their income status (Weinberg, 2008).

Industry Analysis

The American catering industry generates over $7 billion per year through events like holiday parties, corporate functions, weddings among others. Despite the profits, the catering industry is quite competitive and composed of many independent participants. These participants serve the social cultural clientele, and/or local corporate although some have managed to find very unique niches such as schools. The demand for these services depends on the size of the population, standards of living as well as the number of cultural and business institutions. However, more Americans are choosing to pay for catering services especially when they have events as opposed to cooking at home. This is hence a positive remark for the industry (Vivaldo, 2014).

Target Market

Our catering services will be within the reach of every in Philadelphia and its surroundings. We intend to serve all available clients despite their financial status. However, in order to make effective plans and take actions in meeting our sales and marketing targets, we will have to write down the category of people as well as organizations that will be our main target market (Mattel, 2016). Therefore, in order to get the needed funds to help the poor and provide jobs to the youth, we will have to focus the catering services to social events especially corporate events, holiday parties, birthday parties, weddings, schools, funerals among other events.

That way we will have to be aware of all events taking place in Philadelphia in advance so that we can approach the potential clients. In order to attract a wide number of clients who wish to hold any of these events, we will use our youth employees to conduct advertising and marketing through social media and any other source of marketing that could enable the organization and its services become known. That way we will hence reach all couples that seek to plan a wedding, organizations that wish to hold events, parents or colleagues that wish to throw a beloved one a birthday party among other audiences.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

Catering Capers seeks to be the number one non-profit catering service company in the entire Philadelphia and so the only way that we will attain this position is through engaging in vigorous marketing. Our Plan will be ensuring that we get our fair of the existing market in Philadelphia. We will hence create a sales and marketing team composed of more youths as they are more capable of designing the best strategies of marketing and selling the services of the company (Vivaldo, 2014). Social media has widely been utilized in conducting most marketing in most companies today. Therefore through brainstorming their ideas they will come up with the most creative ideas. Aside from social media, we will also utilize direct marketing where our services will be marketed directly to the potential customers.

That way, we can get to interact with the customers at a direct level and add or do away with things that they like and do not like respectively. In addition to that, we will also conduct our marketing and sales through sponsored TV programs and other community based events. Given the fact that our organization will be non-profit, referrals will work very well since the community and any member affiliated to the company will spread the word about our services and refer their friends and extended families to our company. The more we market ourselves, the better the chances we will have to help the poor and unemployed people in the community.

Stakeholders Analysis

Through the corporate social strategy of Catering Capers will recognize the significance of the stakeholders. Such recognition will be manifested in the programs and strategies of the company that will address the demand and interest of its most significant stakeholder groups directly.  The stakeholders groups for the organization will hence be categorized as follows .


The employees are the most significant stakeholders. The interest in this group of stakeholders will be career opportunities. The employees of this organization will be quite significant as they will impact the performance of the organization in terms of quality of service, productivity and overall efficiency (Vivaldo, 2014).


The shareholders will be composed of the internal stakeholders and customers. These two groups of stakeholders will be very important for the functioning of the organization. The internal stakeholders will include the top management who will be charged with running the day-to-day activities of the organization. On the other hand, the customers will determine the revenue generated in the organization in terms of demand and purchases.

External stakeholders

They will include the communities, government, partners, creditors, and suppliers. These stakeholders will be interested in the higher financial performance of the organization. They will all affect the organization performance in a different way. Customers will for instance become part of the stakeholders through their continued loyalty to acquiring the services of the organization .

Factors Impact Success of the Organization

There will be a number of factors which will impact the success of the organization. They include the following.

Resources: In order for this organization to attain success, resource availability is very import. Resources can range from finances to items that will foster the catering services like tents. The organization hence has to allocate resources based on its ability to acquire them. Therefore, the more resources it can acquire, the better it will be at the catering business.

Schedule: Time management will be equally important for this organization. It must schedule all its plans before it can get to do them. That way, it will be able to utilize time properly and achieve more. Catering services requires proper time management so that the organization can have enough time to set up and serve its customers in time.

Scope: For the services to become successful, the organization must define its scope so as to be able to allocate the right amount of work to complete based on the available time. The organization hence has to plan very well to capture and define the works it needs to complete in a set time.

Budget: This is very important factor because without it, the organization will fall short in offering its services. Having a budget will enable the organization plan and offer services based on the resources it has. It will also help it curb overspending and under spending leading to its success.

Communications: For any business to work communication is very important. The catering business cannot be successful without proper communication between the employees and the top management as well as with the customers. It is through communication that the services can also be rendered.

Training: For the organization to be a success, it has to train the employees especially the new recruits or promoted employees. That way, they can be effective and efficient in their work and work to their best abilities to offer the best to the organization (Weinberg, 2008).

Support: whether financial or moral, support will be very important for the organization to succeed. The fact that it will be a nonprofit organization; it will need all the support it can get from donors to community sacrifices.


Food is very essential for the survival of human beings most importantly, it brings people together. Therefore, whether it is an event or a family fun day, catering services can be able to afford people the luxury of enjoying each other without worrying who will be in the kitchen. Catering Capers Organization will thus be determined and delighted to offer these services so as to help unemployed youth get employment and also enable the poor afford meals (Mattel, 2016).

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