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Chapter 1

Introducing Psychopathology: Concepts, Paradigms and Practices

1) What is a defence mechanism?

a) Any form of martial arts

b) A mechanism designed to reduce stress and conflict caused by specific


c) A method for negotiating a stage of development

d) A mechanism designed to remove psychological barriers

2) What is the id?

a) Part of the psyche that controls impulses

b) Part of the psyche that reduces anxiety

c) A description of innate instinctual needs

d) Part of the psyche that controls our morals

3) What is an ego defence mechanism?

a) Part of the ego state that prevents rational thinking

b) Part of the unconscious that attempts to control unacceptable id influences

c) Part of the ego state designed to reduce barriers

d) Part of the ego state that aids development

4) Which broad ranging approach to understanding and treating mental health

problems acknowledges the importance of the influence of a person’s socioeconomic

situation, education and support structure?

a) The recovery model

b) The reductionist model

c) The humanist model

d) The behavioural model

5) The behavioural approach to psychopathology is based on what?

a) Learning principles

b) Observation of animal behaviour

c) Psychodynamic theory

d) Belief systems

6) Which of the following is not a central tenet of the cognitive model of


a) Acquiring irrational beliefs

b) Development of dysfunctional ways of thinking

c) Information processing biases

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