Student Personal Statement sociology homework help

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I need help from a Social Worker who can help answer my Student Personal Statement of Professional goals.



Put the title “Student Personal Statement ” at the top of the page.

Number each question but you do not have to type out the question you are answering.

Response to the questions should not exceed 2 pages, double- spaced with no less than 1-inch margins and 11-font. 

Please use Times New Roman.


Please discuss the significant factors that have influenced your decision to pursue the bachelor of Social Work degree, including how this decision fits with your career goals.

Describe how your personal qualifications and experiences, especially those working with diverse populations, have prepared you for this educational direction. Please describe the strengths you bring to the social work profession and areas of needed improvement that you have identified, including how you plan to address them.

Social workers often work with those in society who experience marginalization, oppression, and/or discrimination. Identify a population in the (???)  region that you feel is marginalized, oppressed, or discriminated against. What strengths and qualities do you posses that would benefit this population?

(???) <—- I will give you the region via messages.

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