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Examine two (2) concerns with the use of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in law enforcement. Provide one (1) example of scenario situation where you believe it would be beneficial to utilize drones or UAVs in law enforcement. Justify your response.

Identify two (2) situations where a police officer may use smartphones and social media to assist in law enforcement. Provide your opinion on the morality of law enforcement using smartphones and social media as an effective tool for crime prevention and problem solving. Justify your response.
Respond to following statement:

One concern involving these crafts is safety.  There is a question on whether or not the unmanned aerial vehicles are equipped with the right technology to identify and avoid other aircraft and other aerial objects.  Where as in a piloted craft maneuvering to avoid hitting objects in the airspace is not a challenge. 

Another challenging issue of using unmanned aerial vehicles is personal privacy.  A lot of people feel that there is a threat that these unmanned crafts will violate their Fourth Amendment.  Private conversations has the potential of getting recorded and also protection of unlawful search and seizure are questioned if the camera of the crafts record activities as well.

Since law enforcement job is to protect and serve, the once scenario where drones and unarmed man crafts are beneficial is search and rescue. I read a lot of stories where someone is lost in the woods or took a wrong turn back to camp.  Most times it takes law enforcement days to find the person.  I think using crafts in this instance could possibly cut the rescue efforts in half. 

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