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I think we need to be concerned about the distinction rate because if we lose all the animals for instance, then we wouldn’t have any meat to eat.  If all the animals are gone then the only thing we could eat is fruits and vegetables, but that might be a good thing. Eating fruits and vegetables would be good for your health, but it wouldn’t be fair to the people who love to eat meat. The human population is growing as well as dying.

Humans should reserve all samples of biomes because we use each of the different biomes.  When you are in different parts of the world you don’t have the same weather or time or cultures. Animals live in different biomes. Cohen said “see to it that all children are nourished well enough to learn in school and are educated well enough to solve the problems they will face as adults” (Turk. Bensel, T.2014).

The ecologist consequences this can’t be missed include the population exposing the destruction of animal habitat, massive species extinction, castrophic degration of biome through slas-and burn cultivation factory farming, “fish processing vessels aqua culture, zoos, and other technologies, a myriad forms of pollution and toxic dumping, extravagant waste of energy, conservative addictions, insane accumulation of wealth combined with methodical industrialized obesity-to name just a few(Heinegg, P. 2015). I think this passage says it all.

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