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Weekly tasks or assignments (individual assignment only  this cannot be a group project) will be due by Sunday  and late submissions will be assigned a late penalty in accordance with the late penalty policy found In the syllabus. Non: All submission posting times are based on midnight Central Time.

For this assignment, begin by reading the following article regarding the role of managers during organizational change. Discuss your perceptions of this article by addressing the following:

·  Express your position regarding the Leader, Negotiator. Figurehead, Liaison and Communicator roles outlined In the article. Do you agree with theconsiderations or have your &MI diverging views? Support your position with examples and/or research from other published works.

Additionally, one major theorist within management. Peter Drucker sow management In 5 tasks: setting objectives, organizing, motivating/ communicating, measuring, and developing people.

·  Consider a time you had to manage a major Change, In either your personal or professional life. Upon reviewing your thoughts, feelings, and behavior during the change, were your actions more in line with the role of manager as noted In the article drucker’s perspectives or within the four functions of management discussed In the textbook and chat? Please provide examples that support your choice and APA cited research.


Boundless. ‘The Role of the Manager in an Evolving Organization. Boundless Management. Boundless, 21 NI. 2015. Retrieved 29 Mar. 2016 from httpsilwww.boundlessicomfmanagementitextbooksfboundfess-

role, of•themanager•imamevolving.organbation-184.5510/

Wall Street Journal. “What do Managers do?’ The Wall Street JournaL Retrieved 23 mar. 2016 from: hltrifridet wy.comfmanagementloveloping-Meadershlfr AY1CiwF0tdo m ,triqcfn-dtzi

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