White Collar Crime law assignment help

Wilson, a Government Contracts Manager, at Beck & Hale, was charged with the following.:

·  Attending meetings and engaging in discussions regarding the sale of metal sling hoist assemblies to the Navy (a metal sling hoist assembly is a wire rope basket-type sling, which is used by all branches of the military to hold items to be transported, such as bombs and other munitions);

·  Agreeing during those meetings and discussions not to compete on certain contracts with the Navy either by not submitting prices or bids on those contracts, by alternating winning bids on those contracts, or by submitting intentionally high prices or bids on those contracts;

·  Discussing and exchanging prices on certain contracts so as not to undercut one another’s prices;

·  Submitting bids in accordance with the agreements reached;

·  Selling metal sling hoist assemblies to the Navy under those agreements at collusive and non-competitive prices; and

·  Accepting payments for metal sling hoist assemblies sold at collusive and noncompetitive prices.

Wilson discovers that the feds were tipped off by Tyler, Wilson’s assistant. Thereafter, Wilson orders that Tyler be fired.

Based on the above facts, please identify:

(1) The type(s) of white collar crime(s) for which Wilson has been charged. As part of your response, please include a brief explanation of any white collar crimes that you identify; and

(2) Whether Wilson will suffer any repercussions for Tyler’s termination, and why.

As part of your response, please identify at least one applicable source of law for each assertion of law that you make.

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