what we have seen on the Amazon film clips it s certainly seems Amazon has perfected the mouse to house concept

Q1: From what we have seen on the Amazon film clips, it’s certainly seems Amazon has perfected the “mouse to house” concept. Given what we have seen with drones and Amazon’s business strategy, think ahead 10 years and describe what you see at Amazon, specifically around their business and Operational strategy.

Amazon’s strategy to use drones in the future to delivery package to customer. It will open the door to a new concept to delivery service. Today, the idea to have flying object inflight zone and community area cope with a lot of hazard. Such as, it can entering to aircraft flight zone and cause accident, it can be bandit for people and amazon will lost the package and its drones that it can cause a lot lost in revenue.


 Q2: Describe how you see the impact of scientific management on Amazon’s operations. What impacts/concepts do you feel were adopted from Frederick Taylor and Adam Smith by Jeff Bezos and have been incorporated at the heart of Amazon’s operations? Describe why you feel these concepts have been important to their growth.

Q3: When Steve Jobs created Apple in his garage, what do you believe were the competitive priorities he envisioned. When you look at Apple today, have those competitive priorities changed? Explain & elaborate how reverse engineering was used by Steve Jobs and if it’s still prevalent at Apple today.

 Q4: How do the principles of TQM aligned with what Steve Jobs was building in the early years? During the time Steve Jobs was ousted from Apple and then returned to lead the company, what operational failures occurred to almost lead the company to bankruptcy?

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