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1) I believe that it depends on the type of business/organization it is. Certain business’s may not have several positions available. With less available roles, the division between the manager and worker is very strict, noticeable, and dominant. Such a thick line dividing the two roles makes for a much harder transition for such employee that has been promoted. For example, a local small restaurant owner probably has a few people making up the wait staff and 1-3 managers. If they were to promote a person of waitstaff to a managerial title, the other waitstaff will probably have a difficult time taking orders from someone who was not so long ago, a server. This would make hiring an outside source to manage an overall more beneficial decision. In larger business’s like a private doctors office, several roles exist. A receptionist, an office manager, possibly a CNA or RN, the doctor, and even more. Due to the smaller gaps between the roles, someone being promoted to manage in such setting would be more universally accepted with more compliance from all of the employee’s. 

2) This is an easy question for me. Someone’s love/passion for the job they are doing is what I think influences the deliverance of great customer service the most. If someone feels content and satisfied with the service they are providing, the product they are selling, or their contribution to the business they are more motivated to do a good job. If performing their responsibilities provides them with joy, the desire to have that feeling will return over and over, promoting them to keep doing the same actions. Personally, I am a Registered Dental Hygienist and I love my job. I never thought I could enjoy something so much. Everyday I make a contribution to my patient’s oral health through service and educating them. I can only hope they spread what they’ve learned to their friends and family. The compliments I receive in the office are all I need to keep my performance at the same level. With return patients, my boss (dentist) is happy and I am happy because they praised me and the job field that I love.  


  1. Rising to be a supervisor within the group would be the ideal way because it allows the employees within the organization to have a reason to progress. Good leaders want their employees to rise. Giving the employees within the group the opportunity to move up in the corporate latter makes those feels appreciate and they will continue to strive for themselves and the company. Although becoming a supervisor within the group would not be easy. It will take steps to make the transition effective. Implementing that you set rules and standard because the relationship with the co-workers you once joked around or even made complaints with are now seeing you as one that should understand their needs or as one who now gives them orders and not everyone deals with new changes so well.
  2. Knowing that your work and you are being appreciated and that your hard work does not go unnoticed makes an employee feel wanted and allowing for the employee to give their all. If an employee goes to work happy not just going to a paying job then he/she will give excellent customer service. That is why as a supervisor giving a small incentive to your employees (example brining in donuts) can develop gratitude and appreciation.

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