Importance of Marriage discussion philosophy homework help

Read over the following position summary (from Vincent Ryan Ruggiero’s “Beyond Feelings,” 6th ed.). In your post, critically evaluate the merits of the argument. Are your convinced by the position taken in this passage? Why or why not? As always, please be sure to provide adequate support for your position. Also, feel free to critique the assessments of your fellow classmates.

Here’s the passage . . .

The institution of marriage has outlived its usefulness. More and more people today, particularly young people, are realizing that it makes more sense to have informal relationships. A couple should live together only as long as both individual wants to. Whenever one wants to end the relationship, he or she should be able to do so, neatly, without legal complications. This could be done if marriage were abolished. Everyone would benefit. People would retain their individual freedom and be able to fulfill their own nee to develop as a person, responding to their own changing values and interests.

(Note: This passage does NOT necessarily represent Ruggiero’s personal view on this matter. He merely authored this passage as a representation of this viewpoint. You are being asked to discuss a general position, not one that is endorsed by the author of this example).

this discussion have to be more than 220 Words.

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