Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

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Review of Common Core State Standards for Mathematic

First, review the Introduction and Standards for Mathematical Practice of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (pp. 1-8).

Then, read the article published by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics answers: “How might we use the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics to keep the deep learning of every student at the center of our work?” (Russell, 2012, p. 50).

CCSS – Standards of Practice for Mathematics

For your initial post,

1.  Reflect on your thoughts related to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS; Florida modified the CCSS and adopted the Mathematics Florida Standards in 2014).

2. The CCSS for Mathematical Practice are the processes and proficiencies that educators should strive to develop in their students.  Of the eight standards for mathematical practice, select two that stand out to you the most and explain why. Refer to both the article and the CCSS document in your response.

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