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 a term hands-on transactional management (HOT).My first thought was micro-management. Bruce Tulgan Tulgan (2004) identified the following traits of a HOT manager (pp. 120-122):

  • Schedule and carry out regular meetings with every direct report
  • Keep everything in writing
  • Do more for their staff but require more from them
  • Every reward is tied directly to obtaining of performance objectives
  • High performance is the only option
  • Manage performance-challenged employees much more closely

The above was in response to the topic of under-management, but is HOT management the answer. Let’s look at some of the reasons for under management(Tulgan , 2004, p. 122):

  1. Lack of time and resources–managers are often pulled between completing their tasks and supervising/managing employees. An example that is easily for me to relate to is when a retail manager. When I used to manage a store, and business was slow, the only people you will find manning the stores are the managers. They often have to wait until employees come into the store to complete their work. Of course, I am sure there are many more examples but this gives you a good idea of what we are trying to say here.
  2. False “good guy” syndrome–managers fail “to accept responsibility for the authority and influence that comes with their position.” They have a misconception of empowerment and put the responsibility of managing the work and the employee on the employee themselves.
  3. Lack of skill–A large number of managers are promoted into their position as a result of technical expertise and performance. They are great at the task but never had an ounce of management training or education.
  4. Fear of “potential consequences of taking an highly engaged approach.” A highly engaged approach, to them, requires a more personal approach making it harder for them to draw the line when needed.


Do you believe management is out of touch with the front line / employees? Do you see the HOT management style as an effective way to manage – why or why not?




Tulgan , B. (October 2004). The under-management epidemic. HR Magazine, 49(10), 119-122.


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