Create a one page, 12-point font, double spaced Word Document that describes the time period or history of your World Setting.

Write a narrative description of a time period in your story world setting. This description should identify and clarify different aspects of the story’s historical reference, how they define the time period and how they impact the story. Identify specifics regarding the impact of that moment in history as well as defining characteristics of time period included from your Time Period Research Folder. How do they influence the telling of this particular story and the overall setting? 


Please Consider these questions when writing. THIS IS NOT AN ESSAY!!!!!!

  • What is the “time period” of the story?
  • Why is this time period important?
  • What events happen prior to your story? How do these events set up the story?
  • How does this time period impact the story? How does it determine the action of the characters?  
  • What specific characteristics of the historical reference or time period are included in the telling of the story?

There is a STUDENT EXAMPLE below of what I need written. Something very similair just a different Genre (urban fiction). I posted documents (morgan_s_location, premise document, makenzie and raven) so you could see the direction of my story. But pls follow STUDENT EXAMPLE FOR REFERENCE!!!!!!! Again, This is not written like an essay! 

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