Concert Reports

Concert Reports

The types of concerts acceptable for concert reviews include orchestral, choral, solo recital, chamber music, and opera performances. Pop, rock, jazz, etc., types of concerts are not to be used for these projects without permission from the instructor. Since one objective of this course is to broaden students’ musical experiences, only above mentioned types of concerts will be acceptable.

Each review is to be submitted on a Concert Report Form, found near the end of the textbook. Reports will include background (researched) information on the composers and works performed and an informed critique of the performance.

Composer Report

A list of composers follows Worksheet 8.3 in the textbook. Select one of the names from the list, conduct research into that person’s life and music, and write up your findings. The report should be three pages in length (1” margins on all edges, 12 point type, double spaced).


Sources for research can be found in the University Library and online databases provided by the Library. Oxford Music Online and Naxos Music Library are great places to start. The link to these websites (below) is also posted under LINKS on the course homepage.

Oxford Music Online / Naxos Music Library

Do not copy from someone else’s writing, including from websites. Downloading and turning in the work of others is unethical and plagiarism will not be tolerated. Be sure to document (footnote) your sources.


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