A Call to Compliance and Final Project

This is your final task as compliance officer for Green Tree Hospital’s pharmacy department. Please follow these two steps:

  1. Make final revisions and edits of all of your weekly project assignments as suggested in your instructor’s feedback. (Most likely you have been doing this over the weeks.) Compile all into one document. Make sure you also compile all of your research resources from the project into one References page in APA format at the end.
  2. Write a 1-3 page “Call to Compliance” and insert it at the end of your project, right before your References page. Your call is a personal statement in which you try to convince staff members of your pharmacy department why they should enthusiastically support and take an active role in your new compliance program. In your statement, look back over all you have said about the seven elements and briefly illustrate why each element is important to each staff member in fulfilling health care compliance obligations. Close with a conclusion in which you share two reasons why you personally are committed to this program.

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