I would like you to paraphrase the following:


10 system level requirments: 

1. High speed radars that Shall detect and identify 5 ships with a delay time of 5 seconds between the current one and the next one. 

2. High speed and resolution cameras that Shall capture very good quality images plus live video support. 

3. The space system should be equipped with material that help isolate it from the space components that damages it like the Atomic oxygen . 

4. It shall contain a quick response system with authorities that can send help and warning messages in case there is a piracy issue. 

5. The space system should have a machine that enables it to communicate info directly to the ships and be able to provide direction in case a ship needs some kind of help. 

6. The system should include a weather system that can provide some feed back to the ships in the seas 

7. The system should be working at high speed, excellent functioning and the cost should be fairly acceptable. 

8. The system shall contain some rooms that can carry space crew for some time. 

9. The space system shall have the ability to move so a space crew can adjust its position from the earth. 

10. The space system shall provide data in a way that only authorities can understand so no one can hack the system , it shall be presented in a simple yet not obvious to the people who want to hack the system.



Atomic oxygen effects on space crafts 

When building a space craft , scientists need to also make some consideration on many factors that could cause problems to the design of the space craft , in deed there are a lot of things that could have impact on the design and one of them is the atomic oxygen. 

Atomic oxygen is basically single oxygen molecules that are looking for a partner to stick to . Usually oxygen comes in pairs of two on the planet but in the outer space were there is plenty of vacuum space single oxygen atoms are found a lot and aggressively looks for a partner. So if there is an object going to space let’s say a space craft those oxygen atoms will love it and they are going to try to interact with the frame and body of the space ship. 

Atomic oxygen affects many material , for example cooper ,chromium and lead in addition to many other and what it does is creates oxide material and wreaks some parts especially the outer side of the space craft so the frame won’t last for some time without being destroyed so everybody started thinking of maybe creating something that would stop the effects of atomic oxygen. 

So when building a space craft there are some consideration that may reflect the amount of damage from the atomic oxygen , remember the atomic oxygen causes only damage, like the altitude the higher the space craft go the less damage is cause because there is less and less atomic oxygen when you go higher. 

Atomic oxygen attacks the external surfaces and that causes creating openings in the craft and have serious effects when getting to the sensitive interior parts so everything is wasted in no time and safety becomes impossible since the craft will be dust if it reacts with everything that is on the craft , it causes cavities and systems stop functioning then missions to space become impossible because atomic oxygen shortens the life of the craft and causes the kill of the human dream of discovering the space or adding some new equipments that will advance our level of technology and stops the improvement of our lives. 

So really the basic effect is that it reacts with the space craft , destroys its contents .Then humans cannot gain any new finding , or install new equipments which means our lives donot improve and we only keep losing money , effort and lives out there. 

Atomic oxygen has very dangerous and big effects on space crafts out in the space so when building one there should be some steps taking to help preserve the space craft when it is out in the space Citing:

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