Hypothesis Assignment of Econ History

Read the article “The Role of Public Health Improvements in Health Advances: The Twentieth Century United States” by David Cutler and Grant Miller and answer the following questions.


What is the general question that the article is trying to answer? That is, what is the fact or pattern that the article is trying to explain? Keep your answer to 1-2 sentences.


What is the authors’specific hypothesis? That is, what is their proposed explanation for the observed fact or pattern? Keep your answer to 1-2 sentences.


Choose one of the tables in the article. What data sources/variables portrayed in the table? How does the evidence presented in this table relate to the authors’ specific hypothesis? Discuss your reasoning.


Can the evidence be explained in another way? That is, is the evidence consistent with another hypothesis that the author may or may not have considered.

Please answer each question separately rather than consolidating your answers into a single essay.

Do not exceed a single page (double-spaced, 12-point font, 1 inch margins). My goal is to challenge you to keep your answers short and on point.

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