I need help with a 2 page history paper

1. Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca’s Chronicle of the Narváez Expedition 

Write a 2 page double-spaced paper that summarizes and contextualizes the document within our larger course of study.

1) In the title of the paper, identify the author and title of the text.

2) In the opening paragraphs, summarize the document.  What is it?  Who wrote it and why?  Outline the basic argument or narrative set forward in the piece.

3) Next, do research to learn more about the author or subject of the document and relay interesting secondary information that informs your understanding of it.  Be sure to cite one outside, relevant source (Wikipedia, History.com,biography.com excluded).

4) Finally, contextualize the document in the larger scope of our course.  With what events or personalities in the textbook or lecture does it intersect?  Does it change or enhance your view of any of these larger issues?

5) Be sure to edit your work for clarity and correctness, as proper prose goes far toward strengthening your argument. It is a best practice to write the paper over more than one day. It may also be useful to read your paper aloud to catch mistakes or run-on sentences. Finally, do not refer to any of the above books as novels, as a novel is a kind of fiction text but not a description of all printed literature.

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