I need someone to do just two paragraphs

In a blog post of at least 2 well-developed paragraphs, address the following questions.  I will be looking for use of your critical thinking skills about these questions:

  1. As a result of our discussion in class on 9/3, did your personal understanding about technology change? If so, how?  If not, why not?
  2. Did you have knowledge of the Pony Express and its role in US history before our discussion?  What did you learn from our discussion about this technology?
  3. The article by Grossman on the rise and fall of technolgies presents some of the attitudes and the “failures” of technology developments. Are there any more recent technological developments that you can recall that met with some of the same reactions/fate as those discussed in Grossman’s article?
  4. Mehaffy discusses the Pony Express as “disruptive innovation”.  What do you think that phrase means in terms of today’s technology?  How have technological developments within the 21st Century disrupted the structure and functioning of  government, businesses, industries, and education?  Pick one of those categories to discuss and explain how you think technology has caused a fundamental change to the status quo.

And this the link for the Pony Express:   http://www.stjoemo.info/index.aspx?NID=371

 And this is some reading as well for pony express:  Pony Express .docx

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