I want a paper that fits any of tyhe topics below with the guidelines.

Assignment Description:

You may either write a paper or do a creative project (podcast, webcast, or VoiceThread) which incorporates the themes, texts, and other relevant material from the course. Your paper/project may explore any topic. Here are some possible topics: Race and Genetics; Domestic Violence and Public Health; Poverty and Food Insecurity; Environmental Racism; Race, Doctoring and Popular Culture; Race, Class and Nutrition; Race and Childbirth in the Contemporary United States


For those submitting visual presentations or audio projects, please note the following:

  • You may upload your file to D2L unless it is too large via dropbox or Voicethread.
  • Your project must be a minimum of 5 minutes or a maximum of 7 minutes in length.
  • For those submitting papers:

  • Paper length minimum of 5 pages and a maximum of 7 pages.
  • Papers must use either Chicago style citations. Papers, which
  • fail to use proper citation, will receive a 10-point deduction from the final project grade.

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