information tech in a global economy

1)I need this in two parts

a)outline of the topics (You can take three hours for this) 2 pages with 500 words

b)Detail explanation of the outlined topics 1000 words.(I will extend the time to 24 hours after the 3 hors work is done).

2)i will share the document you can refer and work

3)need APA format

4)Not plagarized.

The first part of this week is going to be the submission of an outline in which you identify the areas of knowledge that we covered during the past 13 Weeks, to include the residency. You want to make sure that you identify the areas that you thought were most interesting to you and why. There is no specific order that we need to keep, but a chronological order seems to be a logical approach. Where is the best place to start? I would look at the learning objectives for the course, the articles that were read and the assignments that were covered, try and focus on the topics and not so much a re-hash of the article. You can use any part of previous assignments for this paper, just make sure that it fits in the space or section in the outline that you place it in. The last part of this assignment will be taking the outline, filling it in with details of what you have learned about each of the topical areas that you have identified

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