introduction and topic

This project provides an opportunity to apply financial management
concepts to a case study for a healthcare organization. The project
helps examine the fundamentals of healthcare finances, assets, budgets,
cost and financial analysis. You will create and/or review financial
statements and reports, then provide a recommendation based on issues
identified in the case. You will have an opportunity to critically
analyze a financial case and provide recommendations.

The following link provide several cases to choose from. Choose a
case that interests you, based on the overall description and noted
financial challenge or issue.

The first part of your project will require you to choose a financial
management case. Review the provided cases related to healthcare and
financial management, and choose a specific case. The case you choose
you will use throughout the course to complete your project assignments.

Submit a minimum 2-page report that:

  • Identifies the topic and case you have chosen.
  • Describes the financial issues outlined in your case.
  • Describe perspectives of the financial challenges.
  • Briefly discusses its relevance specifically to financial management in a healthcare organization.
  • You will need to use a minimum of (3) scholarly/academic sources for
    your research. You will need to incorporate the sources into the
    content and use a minimum of (1) in-text citation per source. Examples
    of scholarly sources include academic journals, peer-reviewed articles,
    and case studies. The references should specifically address related
    financial challenges outlined in your case and/or offer additional
    perspectives. Academic scholarly journals can be access through the
    Rasmussen Online Library. You can explore Article by Subject (Health
    Care or Business), to start your search.
  • Include an APA formatted reference page to document your sources.

This document will serve as your Introduction section of your project.

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