journal entries

For these journal entries you will be asked to watch a video After reviewing the information provided you will reflect on several associated questions (provided).You are expected to write between 300-500 words (about 1 page, single spaced).These entries are meant for you to express your thoughts and ideas about topics we have covered in class.I expect them to be thoughtful and that you back up your position.Be sure you use proper grammar and sentence structure.No point form.Do not simply “vomit words” onto the page, instead, invest energy in thinking about the question(s) asked.Then thoroughly discuss how you understood the concept(s).

Video:Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial (1 hr 53 mins).

In this week’s lecture, we focused on the history of evolutionary thought.Your text situated this discussion within a broader discourse on alternative points of view, particularly that of divine creation.In this video, we visit the tiny town of Dover, in Pennsylvania, where in 2004, the local school board ordered science teachers to read to high school biology students a statement that suggested there is an alternative to Darwin’s theory of evolution called “Intelligent Design.” NOVA captures the emotional conflict in the historic six-week trial, Kitzmiller v. Dover School District, which was closely watched by the world’s media.Keep the following questions in mind while watching the video.Answer each question as fully as you can; answer freely, this is your opportunity to explore the class material; you are not graded on specific content, merely on addressing the question.No additional research is required.

1. Communication is important, and both sides are failing in this task.Why do the two sides of the argument seem to have difficulty talking to each other? Are we more likely to uncritically accept ideas that are similar to those we already hold?

2. Is there anything wrong with presenting multiple ideas?Is this not what science encourages?

3. If you were a policy maker in the educational system, how would you deal with this problem?

4. The theory of evolution as a scientific concept, Christian creationism, and Intelligent Design are only a few ways of seeing the world.Should other viewpoints, perhaps based on other world religions or popular belief systems, be given equal time in science classes?

5. Did this video change your position (it is okay to say no)?What did you like and what did you find challenging?What elements of the argument, on both sides, did you find unconvincing?

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