Late 20thCentury Liberalism

  1. What were some of the political gains of the New Left in the 1960s? How did feminism and gay liberation expand throughout the end of the 20thcentury and into the 21stcentury.

Answer should be between 500-1000 words which should base on the text book (give me liberty), the primary source (voices of freedom) and the lecture which I attached as a power point. Cite at least one of the primary readings per each answer (Voices of Freedom book), do not consult any other sources.

Related readings:

    Strife and Possibility: The 1960s

    • Voices of Freedom
      • Document 175 – The Port Huron Statement (1962)
      • Document 180 – Brochure on the Equal Rights Amendment (1970s)
      • Document 185 – Phyllis Schalfly, “Fraud of the Equal Rights Amendment” (1972)
    • Selected documents
      • Gay Liberation Front: Platform Statement (1970) Part I, Part II, Part III
    • Give Me Liberty, Chapter 25 1002-1028
  • answer should have an introduction, a body (where you provide the evidence for your answer), and a conclusion.
  • The last paragraph of the paper should be your conclusion. In your conclusion, summarize your arguments you made to answer the question.
  • All the information you need to answer question can be found in the text book, the primary source readings and the documents that i attached.

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