Latinos and Chicanos in the Industry, film homework help

Hey all, I hope you have enjoyed this week’s discussion about Latino/Chicano Theatre in America and more specifically here in Southern California. Your research into Latino playwrights, their work and pursuit of dynamic, important stories about cultural and societal issues has added to your working knowledge, familiarity and awareness of the current state of the so called “Latino American” experience here in Southern Ca. You have now listened to Mr. Valdez and his views on this topic as well as his inspirational words on the Power of Zero. (I know I was personally touched by his speech as an artist!)

It would be silly to deny the fact the we as southern Californians do not have an active relationship with these issues either personally in our own background and personal experience or abstractly either politically, socially, economically or even religiously.

My question for this week is this, where do you believe we are now with respect to the integration of our broad understanding of “Latino” culture into our entertainment with T.V., film, theatre, and music?

We all have a relationship to these topics about immigration, cultural identity, “Americanism” and what that means. We have seen a change and an increased amount and quantity of Latino actors, Latino-centric themes and topics driving the dramatic intent and plots in television, film, theatre and in music but is this enough? Have we reached a reasonable balance that sufficiently reflects this culture? How might we do better in your opinion? Is this a regional question because we live in Southern California?

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