Literature for Kids, writing homework help

Minimum 250 words for each

Lesson 6 Discussion

Make a list of 10 picture books that include children’s

Give the ISBN numbers for each book.

Cite the author, title, publisher, and copyright date for
each. Then write an article for an imaginary early childhood education
publication. Imagine that you are writing a review of the books along with the
merit of each as a book in an early care center’s library.

Include at least four of the following terms in your
article: alliteration, assonance, couplets, diction, figurative language,
metaphors, nursery rhymes, personification, similes, verses.

Describe how the use of literature that includes poems in
early care environments applies to you. Include personal and/or professional

Lesson 6

Create a poem for young children. Go back and review
the features most often found in classic rhymes. Then summarize your experience
in the writing of the poem and why the inclusion of poetry within your teaching
practices is essential for young children.

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