MAN 3303 discussion 7

Carefully review all of the learning material in chapter 16 before responding to this discussion. View the video extract from the movie Blackhawk Down (Management in the Movies, 2008, opens in new tab, runs 3:33). The US military has a formal structure with advanced planning capabilities and centralized controls. However, the military of most other countries have strong autocratic controls. Against this backdrop, consider the need for control in achieving organizational objectives for a specific business or government department. In a nutshell; how does control enable or limit the ability of the organization to create value, reduced risks, and reduced costs – thereby achieving optimal outcomes. The cases on pages 586-588 of the text may provide you with ideas. Use, share and cite at least two ideas chapter in the text. This discussion forum demonstrates the student’s ability to take ideas from the chapter and apply them to a real-life case.


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