marketing campaign of a university

Project Part One:

Part One of the project will require you to examine and assess a marketing campaign of a university that you have studied at or are familiar with.

  • Your focus of the project will be the direct application of the theories or skills taught within the course.
  • Identify Marketing Approaches

    In your project you must select one university and investigate the marketing campaign used for that university.

    1. Identify why you select this university

    2. Describe the methods of marketing:

  • What does this university emphasize in its campaign (features, cost, etc.?)
  • Is there a tagline?
  • What demographic is the product marketed to?
  • Your Analysis

    What do you think about the marketing campaign of the university you chose? Was it effective? What strength and weakness does it have?

    Deliverable: In 2-3 pages summarize the information above.

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