Mitigation of Copyright and Governance Concerns

“Ignorantia juris non excusat” is Latin for “ignorance of the law excuses not”. Building and marketing an e-commerce business will stretch beyond the US borders; that is a great advantage. With that advantage comes responsibility. You must be knowledgeable about international laws and understand which ones impact you and your business. You will need to understand what concerns might be raised and have an action plan to address those concerns.

This week for your assignment, you will create a plan for protecting your business against intellectual property violations. For your plan, you will need to include the following:

  • Describe how you would avoid violating copyright and intellectual property laws for the material used on your website.
  • Discuss your plan for ensuring that your ideas and intellectual property are protected.
  • Discuss how you will protect the privacy of your customers. What privacy protection features will you include when building your website?

Below are guidelines for writing your paper:

  • Your paper should be at least 2 pages long and include at least 2 scholarly references from the Rasmussen Online Library. Scholarly sources include academic or peer-reviewed journal articles.
  • Integrate your own thoughts and ideas and connect them with research support using citations from scholarly references. Demonstrate your integration of research by including APA formatted in-text citations at key points throughout your paper.
  • Include an APA formatted title page and reference page.

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