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Monroe Doctrine

With the hopes of the United States to continue the growth that they had hoped for would come with great factors. In order to have this dream for the United States there needed to be a way to where nobody would be able to dominate America. President James Monroe had then asked for advice from his colleagues, former president James Madison and former president Thomas Jefferson, who both thought that Monroe should unify with Britain. Secretary John Adams thought that it was a bad idea to join forces with Britain, whom they just got their freedom from. He thought that there had to be another way to do this, the United States was going to have to do it on their own. That is when President Monroe came up with the Monroe Doctrine and sent it to Congress in his seventh annual message on December 2, 1823 (which did not become know as his doctrine until about thirty years after he advertised the idea). The reason for the protection of land in the United States was because they had a concern about the Russian’s creating new colonies in Alaska and down towards Oregon territory, which then would have made it less land for America to have. Also because they thought that European states were going to help Spain gain back their territories in Central and South America. To avoid those concerns Monroe had said that there would be no new nations trying to make new colonies in the western hemisphere and that if any European state tried to intervene or control a nation within the western hemisphere it would be taken as a malicious move towards America. President Monroe also did some agreements towards European nations such as, promising to not get involved with any European war or war going on in colonial America, and to not interfere with any of the colonies Europe had already established in the western hemisphere. Before this is when the United States was declaring their independence and stating their grievances the king had done upon them, in the Declaration of Independence. 


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