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In this section, indicate the specific goals and milestones of implementation. Identify which quality measures and strategies will be used to indicate whether the solution is effective. Specify your data collection method and how data will be analyzed. Keep in mind that data will be recorded using Excel.

Evaluation Plan:

This plan for managing and measuring progress and success of your initiative should include the following: A. A discussion of the specific goals and milestones of implementation of the initiative. Be sure to lay out your goals in a clear, obtainable fashion and to ensure that progress milestones are clear, reasonable, and consistent

. B. Specific definitions of measures of progress towards obtaining the intended goals and a description of the tools that you would use to measure progress. What strategies will be used to measure success, and how will adjustments be made should progress towards these goals fall short or change?

C. How do you intend to collect and analyze information to ascertain stakeholder satisfaction with the initiative? What information will be looked at, and who are the stakeholders that will be considered?

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