Need help with a final research paper for a writing class.

Hey  guys, need help finishing a homeland defense research paper for a writing class. Its a culmination of several small papers so I have attached the needed material. Turabian citations, I’m more worried about structure and spelling etc, then material. 

In this assignment, you will put all the pieces together, requiring that you go back and review several elements:

  – How to cite and use the proper “in text” format
  – How to write clearly and succinctly
 – How to avoid common mistakes in grammar, construction, and format
  – How to create a properly formatted list of References

Use this format and please include a cover sheet for this assignment.

I. Introduction and Research Questions (1 – 1.5 pages)
II. Hypothesis* these sections are already done!  (1 page)
III. Body of the Paper (2-3 pages) 
IV. Conclusions  (2-3 pages)
V. References  (1 page)

You should be ready to write a good short research paper.

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