need help writing a 10 pg paper

  • Students should incorporate information on how an HR department interacts with a minimum of 3 other
    functions in one or more organization(s), including, but not limited to: Accounting, Finance, Information
    Systems, Manufacturing, Distribution, Marketing, PR, Sales, Service, R&D, or Administration.
  • The paper must include a 1-page Executive Summary detailing which organization(s) and which functions
    are examined in the body of the paper (which does not count as part of the page requirement).
  • The body of the paper should include concrete examples of best practices from recognizable organizations.
    Examples may be from the same organization, or multiple organizations. Examples may be taken from
    current events, and/or from organizational analysis found in sources such as textbooks, journals, trade
    publications, and reliable business, government, and HR related websites (e.g., BLS, DOL, EEOC, SHRM,
    Forbes, Bloomberg, CNN Money, WSJ, NYT, etc.). Any citations must be cited consistent with APA format.

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