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Writing Submission: Each student will be assigned a discussion topic throughout the semester to write a two-page reaction to the reading related to the discussion topic. This is a synthesis of the reading and your reaction to the reading. This is not merely a summary of the reading or an opinion paper. These will be uploaded via Blackboard assignment when due.


I have uploaded all 4 articles and an example of the reaction paper.

Clear, T. R., Rose, D. R., & Ryder, J. A. (2001). Incarceration and the community: The problem of removing and returning offenders. Crime and Delinquency, 47, 335-351.

Barton, M. S., & Gruner, C. P. (2016). The theoretical explanation of the influence of gentrification on neighborhood crime. Deviant Behavior, 37, 30-46.

Woo, A., & Joh, K. (2015). Beyond anecdotal evidence: Do subsidized housing developments increase neighborhood crime? Applied Geography, 64, 87-96.

Rothstein, R. (2015). From Ferguson to Baltimore: The fruits of government-sponsored segregation. Journal of Affordable Housing & Community Development Law, 24. (Link available on Blackboard)

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